Laura Bruzzese

Paper Turtle artist, owner

I have been creating one-of-a-kind, handmade funerary urns since 2001, and designing biodegradable urns since 2009. My work is an expression of my connection with the earth, my love for the natural world, and sense of spirituality inclusive of many traditions. My urns have been sold in art galleries, retail, wholesale, and online outlets in the US and abroad for more than fifteen years. I feel honored to help clients choose urns that best celebrate the lives of their loved ones, including pets, and believe that every urn has a home; it’s just a matter of when they find each other. I design/create, paint, carve, and glaze every ceramic urn myself.  read more >

“She was my wife, best friend, and guardian angel. Irises were her favorite flower. Thank you for such a beautiful piece.”  -Bobby 

See more work in the gallery, or visit our online store to see what is currently available.



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