Frequently Asked Questions

What size urn will I need?

When choosing an urn for your loved one’s ashes, it is common industry practice to calculate one cubic inch per pound of body weight. For example, an individual weighing 150 pounds  would require an urn with a capacity of 150 cubic inches or larger. The dry measurement is one cup = 14.44 cubic inches. 


Do cremation urns need to be permanently sealed?

No. Your funeral provider should offer the choice of a permanent seal; temporary seal; or no seal. The latter two choices allow for flexibility in future scattering. 


Can I place a custom order?

Yes. If you have something specific in mind, please contact me at [email] or 505-259-5098 to discuss design ideas, size, turn-around time, etc. Full-sized custom urns start at $425.


Can these urns be placed in outdoor memorial gardens?

Yes. My urns are made out of durable porcelain or stoneware, and permanent glaze colors that have demonstrated their longevity in my own garden sculptures. However, if you wish to protect your urn from possible damage due to inclement weather (moisture that freezes, hail, etc.) or from being inadvertently knocked over, it is recommended that the memorial garden be in a protected, covered area.


Do I have to put all of the ashes into one urn?

No. Many of my customers divide the ashes of their loved ones into smaller urns for family members, or save a small portion in a ceramic keepsake urn while the majority of ashes is scattered or buried.


Are your urns ready to ship?

All of the urns listed in my online store are ready to ship the next business day except where noted.


I really love your work but I don’t need an urn. Can I buy these as art objects?

Of course! I have been making lidded vessels longer than I have been making urns. My lidded vessels were sold through galleries and museum shops in Santa Fe, Indiana, New Mexico, California and Durango long before I conceived my first urn. The suggested use of these pieces as urns is not a requirement. If you have a favorite design but don’t want anything remotely resembling an urn, I can make vessels with similar designs, but without lids. 



"When I went to Laura's studio, I found an urn that perfectly reflected Jim and his interests. It is so beautiful that I redid my patio so that there is now a special place for this wonderful urn. At our family ceremony to place the urn, my son Charlie remarked that it is nice to have an urn placed in this way to think about Jim when we see it and to know that his ashes are respected and have a place in our garden."  -Marilyn

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